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At Sandground, West, Silek & Raminpour, PLC, our real estate attorneys have extensive experience representing business and home owners, prospective sellers and purchasers, real estate developers, investors, landlords and tenants in a vast range of residential and commercial real estate matters.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Settlements

Our real estate settlement attorneys provide skilled, experienced, and reassuring assistance throughout the entire settlement process. We understand the stress and anxiety that may arise from purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home and we are here to provide expert legal counsel from start to finish.

Residential real estate settlement attorney services:

  • Ensuring that the terms of the contract or loan commitment are followed and precisely reflected in the settlement    documents
  • Researching the land records and reviewing the property title to verify any liens, mortgages, judgments and other legal issues are properly addressed prior to the settlement
  • Reviewing the survey to make sure any easements or encroachments are addressed prior to closing
  • Acting as the escrow agent and ensuring that all of the funds being distributed in the transaction is properly allocated
  • Preparing the deed, HUD, closing disclosure and other settlement documents
  • Overseeing the execution of the settlement documents and conduct the closing 
  • Transferring and recording the property in the land records
  • Acting as a title insurance agent and issuing title insurance to owners and lenders

Our mission is to minimize risk, maximize value and close the property transaction on schedule. We offer drafting, review, and negotiation services for every step of the real estate process, including: 

  • Partnership agreements
  • Loan modifications
  • Sale lease back agreements
  • Letters of intent 
  • Letter of mutual understanding
  • Financing agreements, Deeds of Trust, Promissory notes

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