Criminal & Traffic

Our firm is prepared to handle all traffic and criminal matters from basic misdemeanor to major felonies which our clients are charged with having committed.  

Our criminal defense philosophy can be illustrated by a quote from John Adams, our second President and founding father.

"The part I took in defense of [the British soldiers in the Boston Massacre], of the most gallant, generous, manly and disinterested actions of my whole life, and one of the best pieces of service I ever rendered my Country... As the Evidence was, the verdict of the jury [of not guilty] was exactly right."

Did you know the John Adams defended the soldiers who allegedly murdered five innocent Americans? And did you know that a jury acquitted each and every soldier? If you said no, this is because you've only heard on side of the story.

At SWSR we believe that no matter what the accuser, police, or prosecutor alleges there is always another side of the story. Our goal is to vigorously advocate for our clients regardless of whether they are charged with petty or serious crimes.

If conviction appears unavoidable, we are honest with our clients and strive to work with the Judge or prosecutor to impose the least restrictive sentence possible.

We have experience in local (state) court matters and appear regularly in the District of Columbia Superior Court and Court of Appeals; in the Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia across Northern Virginia courts including those in the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Frederick, Loudoun, Prince William, Fauquier, Warren and Shenandoah; in the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Winchester; as well as in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts, Circuit Courts, and Virginia Court of Appeals and the Virginia Supreme Court; and  the Courts of Maryland in Montgomery and Prince George’s County.

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